A “Pulsar” is an ultra-high-energy neutron star – they rotate at such speed and with such a high energy that they appear to pulse. In other words, Pulsars consist of highly concentrated matter that never stops moving.
This reflects who we are: our brand is a leading light that drives movement, agility and speed.

Pulsaar impels you to win, to embrace success, and it pushes you to go further beyond your dreams and your goals.

Our brand originates from near the River Aar, which is just one example of the natural power of Swiss pureness and lends us the two “AA”s in our name – PulsAAR.

The Aar rises in the glaciers of the Bernese Alps and from there the river carries the pureness of the glacial water downstream. From the storybook-like perfect valleys of the Bernese Alps we see nature in all its splendor and its pure, calm and peaceful atmosphere. The Bernese Alps inspire a deep harmony and balance within the natural rhythms of our environment.

When we are in harmony with the nature, our body knows how to adapt to our active and dynamic life, to embrace with passion any challenge presented to us. Like the Aar river, Pulsaar is both strong and energetic but, also calm and focused.

Pulsaar combines in its products the pureness of the Swiss Alps and the perfect production according to Swiss quality standards, to ensure excellence for our customers in all our products.

Pulsaar is inspired by the Swiss lifestyle, capable of meeting the demands of an active life with mother nature’s resources. Because the highest standards are our signature, we have chosen the best elements for peak performance, functionality and quality.
Our brand was created to develop and make available to the market breakthrough products. They are designed to boost the potential of individuals with a busy lifestyle as well as that of everyday athletes, combining the best technologies with the latest trends.

Allowing our customers to achieve their goals moves us to do big things. Being Pulsaar means pushing limits and being able to do immeasurably more than one thought possible. That is the satisfaction that we seek for our customers.

Determination moves us forward without hesitation. Pushing boundaries means embracing with passion the changes and transformations. It means going beyond your physical limits and overcoming your fears. Challenging your limits gives you the confidence to break physical standards and mental patterns, pushing you on through to progress and succeed.

Pulsaar products were designed for individuals with busy lifestyles and health and body conscious athletes, and for all who require a high level of concentration, a sharp mind, and lots of energy.

We know how demanding and busy modern life can be and this is why we exist: we want to be an ally of all those everyday warriors whose lives are hectic and filled with challenges, risks and opportunities. Pulsaar provides them with the energy they need.

Pulsaar is also for very physically active people who love sports and taking care of their bodies. Our performance and purpose-driven natural products are for them.

Passion for nature, sport and an active life is at the core of our business. Our mission entails being able to support and enable people to achieve their highest goals in sport and improve their well-being.

Our mission is to provide solutions in the field of sport and wellness through innovation, and quality products. Pulsaar contributes to the development of physical and mental health.


Address Rue du Grand Pont 2B, 1003 Lausanne Switzerland